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YOUR OPINION: Is Olamide A Rapper OR Singer? (Must Read)


Let me ask you guys this Simple questions and I want you all to answer sincerely….

1. Do you think Olamide is making sense more now?
2. You feel he’s a jack of all trades?
3. You feel man just gotta do what he gotta do to make money, Rap or Sing?
4. You feel its not just about money, but legacy?

From your Own View, Is Olamide A Singer Or Rapper?

Drop your Comments.

NOTE:- We know this is gonna be a Hot post, Don’t worry our Moderators will sure Moderate all your Comments.

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  1. Olamide is a solo rapper and he’s good at that

  2. He sings an he rap,,, but normally he is a (popular) nigerian rapper..

  3. Olamide is both rapper and singer and i like that.just like Drake. Olamide just want to show the world how talented he he feels like doing it at times,you will want to rap but some melodies will introduced it self that is so sweet and will be put on beat making it great.

  4. For me olamide is my boss and my father cus i love him and am a rapper 2 xo he’s my father love u dad

  5. Olamide is a rapper and a singer. He is multi talented. He is a good rapper as well a good singer . honestly.

  6. Olamide is rapper also a good singer… both aspect Olamide is good….am not saying this because am Olamide fans ooo…you Nigerians love musician that sing in Street voice

  7. Olamide used to be a rapper. Not anymore. And even d singing he’s doing now is rubbish. He’s not making sense anymore. Just that majority of his fans are touts and agberos who nods head and dances to beat. When u talk about music with meaning and message i can’t remember when last Olamide dropped one. I no those kids will start insulting their lives, but hey, i’m a hip pop head, i play all instrument, i’m a song writer, singer and also a rapper. I’ve been into music for long.Tho i left it to pursue something else but i sure understand music. Yes i’m also a music critic. Olamide has lost his rap prowess. it’s all noise now..Olamide’s defense ministers food is served. Come at me

  8. Opinions are like an*s (everyone is entitled to theirs).. anyway, Olamide to me was a Rapper (even though he still laces Rap verses on tracks once in a blue moon) but not anymore! Some other comment referred to Drake, you see; RnB & HipHop is like Husband & wife, u almost cannot do without both of them together & that’s what Drake does! Unlike Olamide who fuses Afro pop on even a mainstream hardcore just to be outta the box! Okay check he’s verse on the ‘Peak milk commercial’! Mehnn..what pipe did that voice come from?? An*s?? Olamide Egboon Respekt BIGTIME! You are still Boss!!

  9. Olamide do it both I love you

  10. He sings and rap in fact he is my mentor

  11. He sings and rap in fact he is my
    mentor and I like him

  12. Olamide na badoo, what he does he does it well he does the both. But when you want to classify him you call him a rapper, bad one for that matter.

  13. For he is a rapper cos he cnt really sing well bt if it come to rap I think he got it.that’s my own stake

  14. i dont even no self maybe he a rapper or singer

    • Olamide is wack af..he and other idiots killed conscious rap in Naija.claiming voice of d street but dont talk about d violence in d street rada glorifies ambode and says he adopted him…smfh

  15. See ur mouth@chris…..wen u see say music no favour why wont u liv…..go find wrk….leave baddo for lik dat…..rapper or no rapper….every music was a hit.

  16. Imaging ur lyf cris once God have give u ur own time to use den u used it so for olamide I slaute u baba is a rapper nd a singer so if anybody dey mock am den d person should go to hell coz I believe his is time to shine

  17. Who be that Chris self u call yourself a song writer and a single and a rapper u be fool if not so what do u know that is music learn how to comment to something like this is for the reasonable people okay

  18. chris and udoh are 100% correct… Data y sarkodie, aka, casper, mode nine etc are rated above him wen it comes to rap. But on the other hand he gives d fans what they want to hear xo there’s nothing u will say to convince dem. I cant categorically call him a rapper or singer but all i know is dat he does music to the taste of his fans

  19. pleas who is Olamide?

  20. If you include olamide as a rapper, the question is can he compete with the rappers in international level? Can he win in international awards ? If no,then he is not a rapper.

  21. He is a rapper neither singer, bcus his chorus is really straight despair his rap. So for me I choose d two!!!!!! D guy is multi talented.

  22. The true fact is that from day one olamide is a rapper. But now sing is now making him a little boring because people enjoy is rapping side more than singing. He is also good in singing but I thing is better in rapping, In short both of them. He is a rapper and at the same time a singer.

  23. Every one is a king 4 his lane
    To me olamide is gud @rap level dan singing.. Bt trust me ,he can does both

  24. olamide is a rapper and a singer but now is making no meaning at all. He needs to be adjust.

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