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5 Reasons Why Ugandan Girls Don’t Wear P*nties


If you’re into clubs, you have probably seen how majority of girls dress. They leave very little for imagination and in most cases they are not wearing any p*nties. Which begs the question, why don’t Ugandan girls wear p*nties?

Fresh air

It sounds like an absurd reason but Ugandan girls don’t wear any p*nties so that fresh can circulate in the groin region. With p*nties, there is a lot of sweating especially with the impossible Kampala weather. Girls who wear dresses are ones who give out this reason and it is not easy to see why.

The Have a few pairs

One can argue that this could be the main reason why Ugandan girls don’t wear p*nties. The average Ugandan chick has 6 pairs of p*nties at most. If they keep changing daily and putting wear and tear into consideration, many opt to go without p*nties. These are the same ladies who boldly clam they want a guy who drives a Lamborghini yet they own only three pairs of bra.

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