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5 S3x Requests Women Hate to Hear – Guys Get in Here Now!

S3x requests women hate: You may think you’re just making a request, but there are some s3x no-no’s that women wish you’d stop asking them for. Here’s what those things are. Yes, women love s3x. In fact the iconic roles of men being the s3x-crazed instigators seemed to have flip-flopped in the last decade or so, with just as many women begging for it each night.

So while women love making love and doing the dirty, there are a few things men do –or more specifically, ask– during the act that will have their girlfriends rolling their eyes and losing their urge to O.

Curious to know if you fall under the “stop asking” category? Here are 5 s3x questions your girlfriend is sick of you asking, and what you can do about it.

1 Talking about an ex.

2 Filming the Act

3 More…

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