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6 Types of guys girls ALWAYS have a crush on

Ok girls listen up! Here’s the time for truth! Where did you meet him? Why did you have a crush on him?

1. The fictional character. Whether it’s a teen drama heartthrob, protagonist in a novel, or maybe even the fan-fic version of a real person, girls always find the fictional character somehow so unbelievably perfect that if only he were real, they would totally fall in love and be together forever. Idris Elba should take note!

2. Your friend’s brother. Hey, guys, this is that one guy in your brother’s circle who just stands out. He smiles back at you whenever he comes to your home. Offers to be of help to your mom or you and your brother always talks good about him. Yes, that one.

3. The bad boy.  Which girl can resist a bad guy!? Almost none! There’s always something mysterious about this type of guys which keeps the girls curious. Ugh, it’s sad but very true. Like you know you’re buying into a centuries-old trope but his hair is so artfully unkempt that you don’t even GAF.


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