Do you dream to study in America but can’t due to limited funds? Are you one of those who are potentially able to learn but lack funds to see you through in an American institution.
Well here are 7 institutions based in America known to offer tuition for free:

1. Antioch College, Ohio
It is among the colleges that have been in existence for a long duration as it was established back in 1850. It is however known to be very selective in recruiting students. One unique thing about the institution is that it offers free tuition.
Website: www.antiochcollege.org

2. Alice Lloyd College, Kentucky
Not so long ago, this college was ranked position 40 in US as one of the colleges considered best in offering educational services. It is also known as one of the best colleges in the region. The best part is that the college offers free tuition.
Website: www.alc.edu

3. Curtis Institute of Music, Philadelphia
If your niche is music, this is the institution to consider. It is among the best in that respect and so many celebrities and iconic musicians can attest to that. Tuition here is
absolutely free.
Website: www.curtis.edu

4. Deep Springs College, California
Though prestigious, the college still ha the reason to offer tuition for free. Most of the programs offered here are Masters and Doctorate.
Website: www.deepsprings.edu

5. Macaulay Honors College, New York
Although the institution was established only in 2001, it is one of those that have offered a lot of benefits to students. Offering of free tuition services is one of the things that have made the institution very popular.
Website: www.macaulay.cuny.edu

6. Webb Institution, New York
Situated in New York, Webb Institutio is known to be among the top in terms of tuition and overall performance.
Students here have an assurance of jobs once they are out of the institution.
Tuition at Webb institution is free.
Website: www.webb.edu

7. Williamson Free School of Mechanical Trades, Pennsylvania
Anything that has to do with mechanical trades can be studied in this institution. All programs here are meant to run for 3 years before graduation. Any person looking for free tuition can find it here.
Website: www.williamson.edu

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