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BUHARI MUST NOT SEE THIS! The 5 Richest African Pastors And Their Assets! All Are Nigerians!


The American magazine Fobes has published the list of 10 richest pastors in the world and their heritage. In the top 10, five of the richest pastors in the world come from Nigeria and it is the only African on the list, they are:

1. Bishop David Oyedepo, estimated fortune: $ 150 million
Church: Faith World Outreach Ministry, aka Winners’ Chapel.
David Oyedepo founded his church in 1981, his congregation has since become the most important of the continent.
It has the publishing house Dominion Publishing House. He founded and owns the Convenant University and an elite school, Faith Academy.

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  1. what will Buhari do?

  2. That is how it suppose to be, Solomon served God and it was so, Abraham served God and it eas so,David served God and it eas so and Isaac setreejvtree he God even in a famine land and it eas so.Even if you think it is people’s money, God said He will give the wealth of the gentile to his peole,so it is still ok.My own forbes rating is coming

    • Maybe yuh old man na elder for one of this kain business ventures …whats the essence of living extravagant life while nigerians are rotting away in ì ďp camps and GOds apostle are jetlagging the world in private jets .you inow how many persons abraham eep!


    • What concern islam About the post you are Talking ?that is how you christian start your Stupid word with your Stupid idea, later on when muslim reply you back or take an action you are going to call it terrorist .
      without not know that you Have already use that your hatred to create trouble. infact you are out of your sense to use the word ISLAM

    • your religion is a business nothing more, I have a question for you. BETWEEN JESUS AND Meliczedeki who is superior?

  4. Bible said seek first d kingdom of God and his righteousness all things shall be added to u. This mentors have impacted so much in the world for God and deserve all things. For me they have not stated. They will take over the world for real. Kudos to them. Glory to God almighty.

  5. This got nothing to do with religion…Christian/Muslim. leave religion out of this. Misquoting the bible that God will give the wealth of the gentile to His people….who are the Gentiles here? His church members that pays the tithe and offerings abi? Remember that same scripture say that in the eyes of God there is no jews or gentile, circumcised or uncircumcised. Stop referring to muslim and face reality. How many jet did Jesus have while on earth? Solomon that is been said about here offered the greatest sacrifice that made God come down fro heaven and ask him what he want? Did Solomon ask for wealth? No…he only ask for wisdom. Preaching prosperity instead of Holiness. Church has become a place for wealth creation seminars instead of salvation and holiness. Pastors now depend on security officers instead of Security of God. Move around with convoy………..God help us Christian of today

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