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The audit is only detailed verification of all financial accounts of a business, this can be performed by anyone who has the capacity necessary study, many years of experience with accounting and is carrying a S4, in order to check the accuracy of the results obtained from the financial statements to determine if everything is going well.

Facts: Audit and its importance in business

If companies are small or medium, led by owner and not many employees, I believe that it is not necessary contractar audit service because it is easy to keep track of all financial accounts, but if it is recommended that the accounts be kept by people professionals so they can handle well the control of the company, needless to mention that to see if a company is profitable or not, if lost or gained depends on the financial statements and information supplied by the accounting and that those results are reliable must be performed by a good professional.

The version changes when it comes to a wholesale entity, although the owners are always pacing the same should contractar a good firm of auditors, here fits the saying that two heads are better than two, an auditor rather than watch is marching all also it analyzes in depth the states or information provided by accountants. Thanks to the audit may show errors committed in the organization time to amend any damage in the implementation of the strategy and thus could take the necessary measures so that the company can take the best course.

Why you should contractar an external auditor in my company?
The auditors are independent companies, and that obligation must be honest, if at the time of the review are any errors duty will always tell who has Contracted him.

The auditors are required to give the employer the right tips that can guide the right direction your company, there lies the importance of the external audit and ensuring objectivity in the review that issue their reports.

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