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Guys Please Take Note Of This! 10 Things Men Do That Make Women Love Them More – Number 10 Is Very Important

Movies and romance books give us unrealistic expectations when they portray characters like Jack from Titanic. The real world is very different from the movie world. You hardly will find a man that will spread his arms wide for you in public or die for you in the ocean or anywhere.

However, men don’t have to sacrifice their lives in order to prove their love; they can make women fall deeper in love by doing other things. We enjoy all of the little things they do that make them so much hotter. Here are 10 things men do that woman really adore.

Ladies, most men may not be like the ones you see in movies and are vastly different from what you imagined them to be, but if a man does the above for you, cherish him.

1. Making plans

Women love it when their men plan, it almost like proposing. It makes her feel like he is matured. Whether he’s organising a date or a weekend trip it really makes the ladies happy. It shows them that he’s putting an effort into the relationship, and women really appreciate that.

2. Listening

Listening to your woman without grunting and passing comments is rare, but highly appreciated. Whether she’s whining, complaining or just wants to talk about her, lend an ear and listen intently. She will feel cherished.

Remember things she mentions, especially from the past, she will truly appreciate it and show her that you pay attention to what she says. Favourite flowers, books, chocolates — take note and remember them all.

3. Showing vulnerability

It’s extraordinary when a man can openly and honestly talk about his feelings with a woman. This level of comfort is great because it shows that he trusts his woman with his feelings and emotions. It also allows the woman to be at ease around him when dealing with her emotions.

4. Cooking

Women find it particularly ‘cute’ when a man knows his way around the kitchen. It’s really annoying that a lot of men believe that the kitchen is meant for women. Women love when their men know how to cook because it shows that he is capable and confident. Cooking takes patience and shows them that you cherish them.

5. It’s okay to be nerdy 

Am I the only woman who not-so-secretly thinks it’s really endearing when a man is curled up on his couch with his book? When he gets all geeked out and excited about something he is reading and is not ashamed of it, it is pretty adorable.

6. Compromise is key

When a man does something for his significant other that he wouldn’t ordinarily want to do, it makes the woman’s heart melt. Being sweet and thoughtful always goes a long way. They really appreciate you doing something you’re not eager to do.

7. Get passionate about something

Women like seeing men fired up and passionate about sports or his job. Women secretly love when their men roar at the Tv or buried in something they really have a passion for.

8. Displaying affection

Being affectionate and sweet to a woman is the best way to gain her love. Whether you put your arm around her when she’s least expecting it, or hold her hand, it makes her heart skip a beat.

9.  Love her family

Women absolutely adore it when men make an effort with their families. When he gets close and involved proves that he’s not just there to impress the woman, but also gain her family’s approval.

10. Please her in the bedroom.

A woman will love a man who knows how to please her in the bedroom. It is really exciting for her when a man knows how to pleasure her. The man will also get an extra applause when he does things he doesn’t ordinarily do.


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