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Husband & Wife Str!p Each Other’s Clothes Off During Street Fight (Photos & Video)


Bizarre footage has emerged of a couple engaged in a fight on the street during which they strip each other’s clothes off.

But despite the apparent struggle, no-one steps in to help as the couple wrestle on the ground by a busy main road. Instead a passer by filmed the incident and posted it in Weibo, the Chinese version of Facebook.

In the video which you’ll see below, traffic continues to move past the pair as normal as they roll further into the road. The husband is already in his pants when the video starts, held in a headlock by his apparent partner, and by the end he has retaliated by ripping her clothes off.

It’s not clear where the rather depressing two minute clip was filmed, other than China. It was posted on Liveleak earlier today and has been viewed more than 3,000 times already.

The user who posted the footage claims the couple are a husband and wife. She is reportedly telling him he’s ‘useless’ while he replies he’s doing his best ‘to make life better’.

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