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‘I Use Anointing Oil To Attract Customers’ – Prostitute Confesses

A commercial s*x worker in Zimbabwe has confess that she uses the anointing oil to attract clients to herself in an industry where competition has become quite stiff, iHarare reports.

The prostitute who gave her name as Chipo Rwizi, in an interview, said since competition has become cut throat, she has to employ some innovative tactics to stay ahead of her competitors in the business.

Hear her:

“Vegetable vendors, shop owners, omnibus operators, all use anointed oil because they want money.

I am in the business of s*x work, so I have to  wise up because there is stiff competition.”

Asked how she thinks the anointing oil helps her, Rwizsi said she buys the anointed oil for $7 per 50ml from a supplier who is a member  of a prominent Pentecostal church in Bulawayo and Harare, and after prayers have been made on the oil, she applies it to her private parts and her body and any man that sleeps with her, gets hooked.

“I don’t want my well to run dry, so I have to be innovative,” Rwizi, who said she has been in the business of prostitution for five years now, added.
“Anointing oil really works for me. I oil my private part and my entire body when I am about to go to work. Every man looks in my director. I don’t try hard to entice them but they just approach me.

On a good day, I make about $110 per night but I usually charge $40 per night. I don’t have a fixed change. It depends with atmosphere and chemistry.”

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