List Of The 6 Foods That Are Killing Your S*x Drive – No. 4 Will Shock You. MUST SEE

Since both testosterone and oestrogen play a critical role in the bodies of men and women, an imbalance can either amp up or diminish your s*x drive. Research shows that certain foods can significantly impact your hormonal levels. So, look before you eat.

Here are six foods you should avoid if you want the libido to simmer:

1. Alcohol: According to researchers, alcohol is a downer and can affect a man’s ability to maintain his erection.

2. Sugar: High levels of sugar in your bloodstream can adversely affect the gene that controls your se.x hormones.

3. Plastic bottles: water bottles contain bisphenol a (bpa), a chemical component that is reported to have a negative impact on fertility in both men and women.


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