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MMM Nigeria has started payment for February, Read Their New Rule before GH

The most popular Ponzi scheme in Nigeria, MMM Nigeria, has resumed operations after freezing the accounts of its participants in mid-December.

The scheme, via its website, asked participants, whose accounts were frozen, to perform “Promo Tasks: A New Tool for MMM Community Development”. The tasks, which would be done both online and offline. Click the box below to perform your promo task.

The scheme, via its website, asked participants, whose accounts were frozen, to perform “Promo Tasks: A New Tool for MMM Community Development”. The tasks, which would be done both online and offline.


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  1. Good job keep it up

  2. Olayiwola Adeniyi

    Guys don’t panic as MMMNigeria has started paying people, they are now putting smile on people face, if you have not got your GH be calm you are the next person, be optimistic

  3. Well done, MMM Nigeria is waxing stronger, remember to PH as u GH

  4. MMM Nigeria is not what we are worried about, but NIgerians. Cos if no won provides help, those whose accounts got frozen can’t cash out their mavro. Some persons who are paired to provide help will say dey do not know where do we go from here?

  5. Hi fellow MMM participants, as an optimistic participant, I want us to know that nothing good comes easy and as such, we should continue to believe MMM but not for anything, for MMM to unfrozen participants accounts a day before the date given by MMM is enough to be rest assured that things gonna be normal. I personally have not get help yet but am optimistic that it won’t be long as I believe MMM is God’s sent in a harsh time like this!

    • Those rumor mongers thought frozen account of participants is the end of it, thank God mmm proved Nigerian media wrong. Mmm is back thank God

  6. Ugbake James Tersur

    I don’t understand dis mmm, i have waited for so long now.

  7. My mum account has been frozen since mmm came back. Pls what is happening? I’m worrried and sacred.

  8. David ONYEMAUWA chisom

    Mmm I have always dwell in love with you but please don’t fell me because I have already preached to so many people about mmm of which they showed interest and also promised to register once mmm resumes with all these charlenges now what will be their faith for me I am equal to the task

  9. Yes o mmm has really come to stay. Pls my people don’t be panic just be patient.

  10. i have enough money in my mmm account but yet i still PH 100k today MMM should block anyone who is not ready to PH as those ones just want to GH and run what if MMM is not back will you die????. for mmm to be fully back and stronger again its in out hand if you have enough please PH so that the syster can have enough funds coming in the all ur confirmed mavro will be easy to pay even in life success also require a little risk i stand with MMM

  11. Pls someone should add this no to any mmm whatsup group 09094304025 thanks

  12. I believe Mmm speciified that we should pH with our spare money,okay now somebody that ph with his spare money and is yet to gh how do you expect the person to Ph again when the person doesn’t have any spare money left,do you expect the person to use his remaining money that he is using to survive to ph again? It will be wise if mmm should just make it clear that you must ph certain persont of your total money in order to gh,atleast if there is assurance that you can gh when you ph people will be encourage to ph, that way also they will still remain in the system and many will receive their money back also more people will be encourage to join also like before,that’s the only way mmm can survive given the situation at hand.the greatest mistake they made is going off atall that december.

  13. I beleive in mmm nigerial,those hw are posting rubish abt mmm are the ones that has never had or known hw mmm works, pls let me use this mean to enlite every member of mmm community that together we can build again the stronger world of financial freedom, let go of ur fear and panic and contribute ur quarter ph to sombody and i do mine and every one of us do same i tell u our community we come back stronger so i urge ur not to just proclaim it dive into action every one of us and our shame shall be the portion of our enemies.

  14. I believe in mmm Nigeria in order to bounce back mmm should set a limit of pH to participant who are due to gh inoder for them regain their confidence in the Shechem by so doing new members can also key into the system and before u know it will regain it past glory

  15. I love this news so much. But I have a problem with MMM is that I don’t understand why I can’t get help since MMM open till date. .

    Dear Admin
    Sir my name is iby I join MMM in December 2016 as a participant. I showed my willingness to provide help of 250000. Before the frozen of account in 2016 December. My money is due for withdrawal but I can”t withdraw it. I was ask to pH again before I can withdrew my money which I did because I needed my money for something. Yet I can”t still withdraw my 2016 mavro till date.

    I don”t know but this issues of not getting help from 2016 account is not fair at all. What now happens to those of us that used our spare money to pH in 2016 & paid immediately how do we get the money back ? Because right now one can”t pH without money to pay if match.
    My concern now is that I have close to 500k in my account that I paid in 2016 & right now I”m expecting to withdraw it so I can continue to pH & pay. But if this money are not recoverable it means we can”t continue in the system. Right now how to get my money out that”s my bigger issues. Pls if u know how I can lay my complain direct to the Admin I”ll be grateful to talk to them so as to get this solve for the benefit of the participants of the community so it will keep it growing as we want.
    Thanks as I anticipate your swift response

    Your sincerely Iby Thanks

  16. Pls add this number 08034271187 to MMM WhatsApp group chat

  17. Mmm should tell us that we should provide help before GH if they have the assurance that once you pH you will GH at once that way I believe the system can survive if not that it will collapse

  18. Please some should add me to whatsapp Group thanks

  19. Plz add dis number to mm group 08109529648

  20. Mmm should make it strick to members to PH some amount in oder to GH to that the money can cerculate

  21. Hmmm … MMM all the top leader should PH .. they all have made money form the platform. . Like each leader collect million of month ending and now they can provide help for now .. hmmmm naija I hail he na .. if he na help the social networking pple go come back.

  22. Please adddis number to MMM whatsap group 08088333299

  23. mmm is dead… they messed up freezing mavros in 2016 December… the stupid guiders that don’t even know anything could not even suggest that coming back in January one has to pH some certain % before one can gh. their huge salary have blocked their head.. I have 300k stocked Dr.. hiss

  24. U people said for one to GH is by doing a promo task,I remember vividly DAT one way of promoting goods n services is also ‘testimony’ I think u mmm should pay does who provided help in 2016 DEC,then dey will have testimony to tell others and people will no longer be scared of pH and everything will com back to normal

  25. Pls add this number to any MMM WhatsApp group, 08036359406

    • Solomon
      MMM should make it compulsory for every participants to ph in order to gh.
      secondarily all guilders should voluntarily contribute some reasonable amount of money to start up the system again because they have made alot of money from the system.

  26. Mmm Nigeria na wa poor. Please add this number to mmm whatsapp group 08039227623. Thanks

  27. Akinwale oluwasanmi anthony

    Pls add this number to mmm whattsapp group 08134762794

  28. We have started enjoy the seed we sow in the earlier days of this scheme join us to re-shape your life.

  29. I hv always known dat mmm is real and I’m so optimistic about all there promises and I’m 100% ready GH to d success of d platform. Long live mmm,you will live and not die.One love

  30. Habishag Adebowale

    Me go follow mmm till im or me die. Together we will change the world. Please I’ll be glad if you add this No. 08180584862 to MMM Whatsapp group

  31. I believe that mmm will pay. Long live mmm.

  32. Am very sure all 2016 payment will be made without delay which will indicate progress.
    pls add 08032733191 to MMM Whatsapp group.

  33. No other like mmm, pls let bring it back

  34. No other like mmm, pls let’s join hands and bring mmm back

  35. @ solomon i think ur suggestion should not be ruled out bcoz the so called Guiders have gain alot from the system. so they should be saddled with the responsibility to provide enough money in other to settle those who have not benefited so much from the system. I, as a person, believe that MMM would surface again but i was only concern about the attitude of people towards it. This could happen to any other business organization whose strength depend on people to survive and once their customers begin to show negative attitude towards it then the hope of such organisation becomes unpredictable. I believe firmly that thing will come back to normal.

  36. fuck mmm ,fuck mavro, fuck PH, fuck GH

  37. sulyman omokayothey

    i wnt to GH for the past 2-3 weeks it did nt bring out any amount for me, it jst 0000
    pls help me out

  38. As at January 29th, 2017 I provided help of #200,000, not minding my outstanding of #150,000. I’m not afraid of what happen next. Please add me up on MMM whatsapp group. Thanks

  39. 08035155456

  40. Add 08027721174

  41. I want to know if i can get back my money if i do provide help again?

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