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Signs To Know If You Are In Love With The Wrong Person…No 2 Is Sure

1. When you are filled with doubts; Thus, when you are filled with fear despite being in love with a person, it could be a sign you have given the wrong person your heart.
2. When you are unhappy Your happiness comes first when it comes to relationships; whatever deprives you of your happiness is definitely not worth doing. when you are constantly in pain and heart torn over the decisions you have taken with that person, it is a big sign you have given your heart to the wrong person.

3. When your partner’s love for you becomes an obsession One true sign you have fallen in love with the wrong person is when you feel trapped; no one wants to be caught in some funny emotional web that could choke the daylight out of them. However, when your partner cannot let you do things on your own or be free, love becomes a confinement.
4. You basically hold the relationship If you are always trying hard to make things work without your partner’s contribution, then there is the likelihood that you would get tired someday and give up the fight.

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