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Stop! These Things Are Killing The Relationship

Don’t have time for love? Well that’s sad. Love in today’s world is just a mere burden and almost entirely public on social networking sites leaving no room for privacy and that spontaneous spark we all know love gives us. It has become a calculated selfish feeling to hook up and prove some dumb point to the world…but among all this, is love lost forever? There are things to do that will set the romantic flame burning again and there are things you should definitely stop doing.

The discovery that a person is not who they say they are is the number one deal breaker. I once coached a client who dated a man that acted like he was a professional athlete who was a divorced doting father of two. Once the relationship got serious, she discovered that the man had a ton of debt, did not consistently pay his bills or child support and was still married to his wife albeit going through a divorce. Distrust from the start is a shot in the heart to any potential love encounter.

Lack of commitment
Commitment is slowly becoming a stressful burden rather that a strong concerned responsibility. Being in casual relatiosnships and just hooking up and away are the reason why people no longer believe in long term relationships. It has just become a hobby and sadly…a romance killer.

Sharing Secrets Inappropriately
Your partner probably assumes you discuss him and your relationship with your friends and/or your sister but don’t tell him what you talk about. Imagine how he feels in their presence knowing you have shared intimate or icky details about him. It’s more fun to do things that spark the romance than #things that kill it.

Insecure or overly possessive
Relationships are suppose to feel good and enhance your life, not feel like a prison sentence at Alcatraz. It doesn’t matter how attractive, rich or smart someone is. If they are so insecure with who they are, that they are so afraid of losing you, that they smother you to death, the relationships is dead before it has a chance to grow. Life is too short to have to deal with someone with insecurity issues and who uses control in order to appease those issues. I recommend that you do not past Go or Collect $100 dollars, but instead, head right out of dodge on this one!

Personal Competition as in who’s the best!
Constantly competing with each other in terms of whose better is a common misguided approach among people in relationships today. And its as dumb as – “I can score more guys/chicks before you do!” Love isn’t about whose better and whose not, but how you appreciate each others good qualities and accept their differences

Over to you guys! Whats else do you know that can destroy a relationship easily? Please kindly share it in the comment box so that others can learn.


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