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Why I Might Bring Mik£l Back Next Summer. CØnte

Manc-hester United manager J0se M0urinh0 referred to Mik£l as the ‘stabilizer’ because he brings balance to a team and his calmness is infectious and that’s something the Blues can do with at the moment.

Who should Mik£l bench: Matic or Kante?

N£manja Matic was a huge influence for Ch£lsea when they won the 2014/15 premier league title under former manager Jose M0urinho and was hailed as the best holding midfielder in the English game.

However, the difference between the two players mentioned is that while Matic has dropped form and almost unrecognisable from the player that was once reveled, Kant£ has remained same but with the Blues his workload has become too much because of

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